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A Couple Close To Home 15 October 2014



And once more the markets are coming off, with stocks across the board being hit, or should I say corrected.

Whatever your opinion on this, we have seen it all before and it is of course a necessary part of the investment game.

Still, not everything falls when bearish sentiment reigns, as emphasised by Cambridge Company CSR bucking the trend today.

Cambridge Silicon Radio to use the full title, has been in the news for some time now, after Microchip Technology’s undisclosed offer for the company was brushed aside as being inadequate.

That it transpires, appears to have been the correct move as Qualcomm Inc has today had an offer of £1.5bln recommended by the CSR board which is pitched £9.00p per share in cash.


While it is possible that an alternative bid could possibly trump Qualcomm, this looks like a done deal.

 That whatever your thoughts on this one are is pretty sizeable when you consider the conception of the business and a subsequent amazing journey.

CSR was originally spun out of that excellent of stable Cambridge Consultants Ltd, which nurtured the likes of Xaar, Domino, Inca and Alphamosaic.


 Ironically, I recall a presentation on the SciencePark here in Cambridge around three years before the company actually floated, where a confident Phil O’Donovan gave a vision of what the company was going to achieve.


I guess there were a few sceptics there that evening, but I also suspect that there were many more who wished that they were in on the funding rounds. 

Anyway enough from me on that, well done to those who have made some profit which no doubt includes many of those at CSR.


There should be some extensive coverage on this one in the Cambridge News tomorrow from the excellent Jenny Chapman.

And I believe there should also be a write up in the same section on SPHERE MEDICAL, after positive news was announced yesterday.


I have looked at Sphere a few times and have added my comments on the latest development below.     


SPHERE MEDICALl the Cambridge based medical diagnostics company received a tonic yesterday with positive news being announced on its

Proxima monitoring system.


Having undertaken a Post Market Clinical Follow–up Study at the QueenElizabethHospital in Birmingham, Proxima met its primary endpoint which proves that it provides the same clinical results as a bench top blood gas analyser.


The system represents a step change on the existing practice being a patient-attached arterial blood gas analyser.

Not only proven to be effective, it has the added USP of speed and efficiency and looks set to deliver on previous expectations, despite what has been slower progress than originally envisaged.

A total of twenty intensive care unit patients with a wide range of clinical conditions including trauma, head injury, post-surgical recovery and sepsis were included in the study.

Attached to the system for three days, as many as thirty three blood gas measurements were obtained per Proxima device, where the primary end point was met.  


Wolfgang Rencken said “these positive study findings validate the Proxima technology within a clinical setting”. “We believe that Proxima is well suited to enable nurses and clinicians to more closely manage their unstable and critically ill patients”.


Sphere’s shares rallied 5% to 29.5p in early trading as investors warmed to the improving prospects of the business, as it gears up to sell the product into the critical care market via sales forces in the UK, Germany and Benelux, along with partners for worldwide distribution.


The company already has a number of partnerships in place with industry leading medical device companies, including a relationship with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics which is part of the giant Carlyle Group.



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