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A GAMBLE IN CHINA 12 January 2015



It is back to the weekly offering tomorrow, where I am kicking off with a look at DJI Holdings, a relative newcomer to AIM.

I must confess, that I hadn’t envisaged launching the New Year with such a speculative prospect, particularly when there are plenty of Fundamentally sound or less risky propositions to go for.


Still, hopefully there will be ample of opportunities for such companies, so for now, I think DJI is worthy of a look.

The company is both based and listed here in the UK, but derives its revenue from within China, where it has positioned itself in the rapidly growing space of legalised gambling.


This is via China’s two national lotteries, which allows consumers to bet on what were originally limited options, but which has now extended into the sporting arena.


China does not permit overseas companies to run outright parts of its lottery system, so DJI has effectively acquired subsidiaries to enable it to offer its platforms which assist and support sales, in exchange for commission.


The company is already experiencing strong revenue growth and in the article I refer to the net figure as opposed to the gross numbers.

Anyone interested in taking a look can find it via the usual link, from late morning on Tuesday.


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