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Covering CFX 22 September 2014



This week, I have decided to take a look at a company that is concentrated on the home furnishings sector.

That may be something of a turn off for many investors, perhaps suggesting wafer thin margins and a high level of competition.


However, Colfax Group which is perhaps best known for its Colefax and Fowler and Jane Churchill wallpapers, looks a well run operation that looks set to continue increasing its profits.


The sector is usually one of the last to benefit from an upturn in the economy, so the fact that the company has this year delivered some decent numbers, may suggest further upside is set to follow.


With three other distinct brands within the group aside those already mentioned, Colefax serves the more upmarket end, although should also benefit from any further and longer term strengthening of the economy.  


Anyone interesting in taking a look at my thoughts on this one can catch it via the Cambridge News website later tomorrow morning.



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