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The Subject For Tuesday 24 August 2014




I am sure, that I am far from alone, in finding that growth stocks with the right credentials, are pretty hard to come by at present.


After all, seeking the next opportunity can be an arduous enough task when the markets are presenting the right openings, let alone as now, where we are largely in a state of limbo.

Still, I guess that is part of the buzz of this game, where seeking and delving below the surface can hopefully throw up an opportunity or two.


In the forthcoming Tuesday Cambridge News column I have decided to take a look at MARIMEDIA, an Israeli based business, that may be worth a much more in depth look.

Despite my own constant reservations regarding overseas based businesses, Marimedia does appear to be a sound prospect that has importantly attracted a number of highly regarded European Institutional Investors.


On the business front, the company has positioned itself within the fast growing digital advertising space, whereby it offers services and solutions that enhance the opportunity to not only grow revenues from on-line advertising, but maximise the potential too.


Profitable, with a clean balance sheet and even a small dividend on offer, the company looks interesting to me in terms of both near and mid term growth.

Anyone wishing to take a look, can catch up with the article via the link late Tuesday morning.



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