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A Look At This Morning 19 June 2015


There has been a reassuring update from FYFFES this morning, which resulted in the share price moving 9.5% or 8p higher to 93.6p.


NXR Results 18 June 2015



A couple of weeks back I took a look at NORCROS in the weekly column, where I felt with continued progress within the Construction market here in the UK prevailing, prospects looked positive for the company.


News 9 June 2015



There is plenty of news out this morning, so worth adding some thoughts and comment predominantly on companies that I have looked at over the last year or so.


Missing The Boat 17 June 2015



There have been a few pieces of News that have caught my eye from today, all of which include companies that I have taken a look at fairly recently.


Catching Up 5 June 2015



There were a few things that caught my eye at the latter end of last week, which are perhaps worthy of some comment.



Chamberlin Bashed But Not Beaten 24 November 2015     Interim results announced this morning from specialist iron castings producer Chamberlin has...

Behind The Scenes

Catching Up With CTP 27 October 2015      CASTLETON TECHNOLOGIES, the AIM listed company focused on software and support services across the social...


  JLG 24 November 2015   Investors eyeing exposure to the area of major infrastructure projects, backed up with the potential for a chunky yield, may...

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