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Missing The Boat 17 June 2015



There have been a few pieces of News that have caught my eye from today, all of which include companies that I have taken a look at fairly recently.

CENTRALNIC, which is very much focused on the area of top level Internet Domains names  saw its shares end just over 7% higher at 37p, after announcing that it had secured £2.3m by way of placing 5.75 million new shares.


Usually, such news is granted with a degree of dismay by holders, the share price invariably coming off some. However, CNIC managed to achieve the rare feat of seeing the placing through at a premium to the recent share price of 34.5p, which all in all looks a decent result .


I looked at these in the weekly column back in April at 29.5p,  where  I subsequently spoke with management on the day of the final results.


With the new money apparently in place to support some potentially transformational deals, I will be speaking again with the CEO Ben Crawford on Friday where I will endeavour to add further on both the placing and future prospects.



ANITE, the wireless testing and mobile technology concentrated company was another that caught my eye, this time just last month which was on the back of a Trading Update.


Unfortunately for me, I appear to have left this one a little too long to take a more in-depth look, as the company has now been snapped up by Keysight Technologies Inc. for £388m in cash.


The shares duly jumped to £1.27p up 24p on the day and no doubt pleased those that added or bought in around the time of that recent update.



It would appear that my poor timing perhaps hasn’t been confined to Anite either, where another often mentioned company here TRAKM8, has continued its recent run of positive news.


Still, I guess identifying stocks with potential may say something, although I must say, I really should have taken an interest in TRAKM the vehicle telematics business, particularly as it originally caught my eye at under 40p.

Now at £1.72p per share up 14p today, the company has announced that it has purchased DCS Systems for £3.3m which is an all cash deal.


The new business to come under the Trakm umbrella is based in Cornwall where it specialises in designing and distributing camera systems predominantly for the security and cycle markets.

Taking a quick look at the newly acquired operation it looks another nice fit for the company which continues on its mission of growth.


Trakm’s preliminary results will be released on 6 July 2015 and should make for interesting reading, particularly in relation to the growth strategy and prospects over the next year or two.



FRONTIER DEVELOPMENTS the Cambridge based game developer, a familiar subject here and one which I have visited in the past, also delivered some news, although the shares remained flat at £2.18p.


There were actually two releases, the first of which was made yesterday and focused on Frontiers Elite Dangerous now being available on Microsoft’s Xbox One.


This was largely expected to come through at some point this year and the actual launch of the game on Xbox will take place before the year end.

That has to be welcome news for holders of the stock and broadens the games appeal and reach.


Additionally, the company revealed this morning that its Planet Coaster game which is aimed at PC’S, was unveiled at the E3 Games Industry event in Los Angeles. Pre-orders will now be taken ahead of its fully being available next year.

Frontier remains off the radar of many, while also being perceived as too risky for others, largely given the previous track record of gaming companies.

But, the company appears to be making the right noises and is headed by David Braben, who arguably knows his way around the industry better than many.


The next set of results are not due out for a few months, so I guess as a share that is usually news driven, there is always the possibility of the price declining.


FDEV is one that I have been monitoring for some time having an interest myself and is a theme that should remain as such.  


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