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Monday 20 January 2014

Having recently commented on IQE, it is good to see the shares heading Northwards today ahead of a Trading Update tomorrow 21 January 2014.


Executive Directors have been away on their travels recently, which comes as no surprise

in the wake of the positive news last week aannounced by President Obama.

Although management are understandably going to be tied up throughout Tuesday, I am hopeful of catching up, in relation to a  gleaning a bit more

on how things are panning out here which can assist with a further intended article on the company. 


I certainly don't intend to comment every time a share price moves in a particular direction, so perhaps I should apologise

for returning to OFFICE2OFFICE once again. Having said that ,I just thought it appropriate to add a few more words,

particularly as the volume here has been heavy today, with a 400k trade going through at 23.5p along with two 200k trades at the same price.

The offer has moved up throughout the day and it closed at 25p to Buy as the mid price ticked up.

Whether this is an indication of investors taking the view that the shares have been oversold is anyone's guess,

or perhaps it is the recent buyer of the shares Nicholas Gerber adding again.


I stated my intention when I first took a look here of hopefully catching up with management for a few words.

While that is still on the agenda, it looks as though it will be post the results, as opposed to in the near term.


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